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If you don’t want to lose your whole bankroll, we highly advise that you utilise this function as little as possible or completely avoid it entirely. This option is only available when dealing with extremely modest wins – up to $ 10 in value. The problem is that these bonus rounds are most frequently utilised by casinos to enhance their edge over players, and the likelihood of winning in them is very low, often less than 50 percent.

Profit is yours

Take profit of the situs slot online is the inverse of stop loss, and there are many variations of the term stop loss, such as stop wines, stop profit, and the like. This implies that you specify the desired number of wins before the start of the game, and the game will be terminated after you have received the specified amount of prizes.

What exactly is it used for? Because you will not always be fortunate, and along with your triumphs will come your share of failures, of which there will always be a greater number. It is worthwhile to establish a particular quantity, a specific threshold, upon achieving which it is worthwhile to complete the game.

Suppose you wanted to play and deducted $ 200 from your bankroll on the condition that you placed $ 1 bets on every hand. What is the best way to assess the magnitude of the victory after which it is worthwhile to stop? At the very least, we suggest putting the amount at about 30% of the original amount; if the amount comes out even higher, this is a great outcome. That is, according to our calculations, this represents a gain of at least $60.

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Despite the fact that 30 percent is a respectable outcome from a mathematical standpoint, the player may set himself a higher bar by aiming for 60 percent or even 100 percent. Remember that the larger the quantity of the desired wins, the more difficult it will be to get it, and the greater the likelihood of losing all of the money available.

Rates are being reduced

It is possible to play with the same bet amount at all times, but doing so will soon become monotonous. In addition, playing with the same bet size can quickly lead to a total loss of your bankroll. If you’ve had a run of significant losses, you might consider lowering your stake.


For example, if you have a $ 2,000 bankroll and you place a $1 wager and lose $ 180-190 in the first hour, you are most certainly close to reaching your stop loss. In that scenario, why not just play $ 0.50? Take the risk of spinning at such a fast pace and see what happens in the end. The game should be terminated if you continue to lose more than the set stop loss amount. With luck, you will be able to recoup your lost money and then return to your previous rates of profit and loss.

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